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New Beginnings

For those who don’t like to hear about personal things, I just need to write this out but please feel free to stop back another day 🙂

A few new beginnings in my life recently.  I FINALLY moved out of my old apartment with my roomies who wanted to boil me alive and have me clean up after them.  Not bad people, just bad roomies. I’ve found a new apartment with a new roomie and all seems to be better on that front.  As I’m unpacking, I’m coming across lots of memories.  Some good, some bad.  Some parts of my life I would just as soon leave behind, but others I truly miss.

Also a new beginning on the relationship front.  BF and I broke up.  The distance and different communication styles finally killed us.  I am sad but I will be ok.  I just hope I haven’t lost my dear friend through all this.  It is always hard to say goodbye to people you love.  It seems so much harder when the goodbye can’t be in person.  We had tons of fun together and made lots of memories, many of which I am uncovering in my unpacking.  Makes moving into my new apartment bittersweet.

Another new beginning in the fall, PA school.  Looking forward the challenges and the new people I know it will bring.  It’s sad to know I will be on my own until then but hopefully new friends await me there.  New beginnings are always uncertain but always hold such promise.  This time has been very different for me as I am truly on my own for the first time.  I have lots of amazing friends who are always there for me to talk whenever I need it and even when I don’t.  However, it has been an experience to learn how to cope alone.  I’ve always had other people around to help distract me and keep me busy.  This time it’s just me and yes, it’s hard but at the same time, it’s an opportunity to get to know myself and to grow.

I have been telling myself I need to learn to be happy on my own and just be my own person for years.  This year, I’ve done more of that than I ever have before.  I was in a relationship but we never saw one another & I was on my own a lot.  I have roomies but I rarely see them and we live very separate lives.  I speak to my family frequently but I see them twice a year.  I am so grateful for the connections I have and I realize many more people are much more on their own than I am, but these changes are big for me.  I am hoping I can make the difficulties I’ve had this year work for me and use the lessons I’ve learned in the future.  After all, isn’t that what new beginnings are for?


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