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twitter-bird-22I realize that there are TONS of twitter resources blogs out there!  However, I’ve had multiple friends who are (relatively) new to twitter ask me if I had any advice or resources for them to use.  I figured I might as well put together my own top twitter resources list in one place for the next time someone asks me! Now obviously, the resources you find useful will depend on what you hope to achieve through twitter.  These are geared mostly towards those who want to find interesting people to follow who may share their interests.

  • TweetDeck – TweetDeck is my all time favorite!  It is an Adobe Air download that allows you to create columns for different groups of people and search terms.  It has recently been updated to integrate with Facebook as well.  It is great for filtering some of the noise that comes with Twitter.
  • Mr. Tweet – Mr. Tweet is a service you can sign up for and follow on Twitter that will analyze your network and suggest people for you to follow.  It is great for people trying to find new people to follow.  It also allows you to see stats and recent tweets for each user it suggests.
  • Follow Cost – Follow Cost is a website that is useful for deciding whether or not to follow someone new.  It tells you how many times a day they tweet (on average) and what percentage of their tweets are about politics or are @ replies.  It also has a handy bookmarklet!
  • Mailana – Mailana shows you a web of who you talk to most and how your followers are connected to one another.  It also has a suggestion tool for people you should follow based on the people you currently follow.  It also suggests people based on geographic location and has a keyword search function.
  • Twitter Search – Twitter Search is great for searching for topics to see what is what is being said or to find new people to follow based on a specific keyword.  I frequently search things on Twitter before I try Google and I often get the results I am looking for much more quickly.  It is a great resource!  You can also get rss feeds for your queries if you want to keep an eye on a specific term or brand name.
  • TwiTip – TwiTip is a great blog devoted to Twitter tips.  It has a variety of tips for all levels of users and can help keep you up to date on all the latest tools.

Please look me up on twitter (@kfred85) and say hi! Hope these tips will help you enjoy Twitter and get more out of the sometimes overwhelming amount of information.


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I’m participating in Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge. I spaced that I would have daily prompts in my email for the next 31 days. Guess my earlier post today about having nothing to write about is now null and void!

Darren’s first task for us was to write and elevator pitch. You can read more about that and his challenge on his site, ProBlogger.com. Now I’ve been informally blogging for months now but I still don’t feel like my blog has a defined focus.  I realize this can be a problem.  I blog about so many things!  I blog about life, the future, social media, my job, anything that pops into my head really.  This assignment was tough for me.

In his post, Darren talks about how an elevator pitch might be incorporated into an About page.  Now since I already have one of those, I decided to start there.  My About page says my blog is about “life and learning.”  My blog touches on many things.  At this point in time, I think the elevator pitch for my blog may only need some minor tweaking since I don’t have one defined focus.

My tagline for KFred’s Musings is that it’s a blog about exploring life and social media.  Expanding on that, I write about my own experiences with social media, learning, and AmeriCorps.  I’ve learned a lot writing this blog and I really hope that by the end of this challenge I will have a more concrete direction for it.

What would your elevator pitch be?

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blank-journalI find myself once again having not blogged in weeks and with nothing to say.  A blank mind. I suppose I can talk about the fun things coming up for me in the next few weeks.

I am heading to the CiTE conference next week in Denver with my coworkers.  I am excited to visit Denver as I have never been.  I will be presenting with a coworker of mine.  I am both excited and nervous.  I have never presented at a conference before!  I am really bummed out though because it sounds like there won’t be wifi access available.  I was hoping to live tweet and pull some social media into my presentation as interactive pieces.  That will be difficult to do without wifi for the audience.  I will be in serious withdrawal!  I’ll come back to my hotel room and devour the online news I have missed during the day.

The weekend after, the friend I visited in Hawaii will be back on the mainland!  I am looking forward to seeing him.  I always enjoy his conversation and company.  I don’t get to enjoy either of them very often anymore.

I’m contemplating extending my AmeriCorps*VISTA term of service another month. It will give me another month of guaranteed income and will let me keep my apartment until my PA classes start.  My supervisor will be leaving at the beginning of July for maternity leave.  This will help allow me to help ease the transition of my duties to the new person while my supervisor is gone.  I’m curious to see how it will be working without her.  It will be even stranger leaving.  I am truly blessed with my coworkers and my job.  We have a close group and we work very well together.  Everyone is very supportive of one another.  I will miss the family feeling when I leave.  Luckily I will be close enough to keep in touch!

Well this turned rather introspective and may be boring you so I’ll finish this up now :-p  I promise to come up with something useful in the next few weeks!  Hopefully the conference will inspire me, hehehe.

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